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Didn't know much about B-boy or what R16 is until I went to this performance last weekend with tickets sponsored by KTO (Korean Tourism Organization). KTO sponsored this event so we got some seats near the VIP. There were many people lined up in front of the building in Uijeongbu. They gave out tickets for free but only a few are able to get them. When they announced all tickets were gone there was still a long line. I went with some other K-pop supporters whom I met for the first time. Jay Park was supposed to appear but I didn't see him at all. But we left about 30' early to avoid the crowded train so he might have appeared at the last minute. Animation Crew was awesome! I never heard of them before this event. Their performance was definitely nothing like what I've seen before. The individual competition was pretty good. It made me think just how much practice they put into this. And it's such a dangerous hobby as well. One's passion for something is not to be underestimated. For some reason they all have interesting, weird alias. None goes by their real names. The group competition was even better. Some of the judges also did their own B-boy moves which were feast to the eyes. I also saw a female b-boy dancer and some also competed but none were in the group competition. There will be the World B-Boy Championship in Olympic Park this weekend. It's only for K-pop supporters but good news is you can still apply to be K-pop supporters and go to this event if they still haven't run out of tickets. Highly recommend this program by the KTO if you want to go to performances for free and all you have to do is blog about what you see.