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Please, make an effort and give us some reasons... Have you seen that no one is interested in Tae Ri? Do you have any idea why? What do you like to see? Fantasies? Action? Romantic? Comedy?Science fiction? History?
AGD is the best superb!
my favorite drama is gentlemans dignity, BIG, IDO IDO, Gaksita specially, cos i luv kim joo won, secret garden the most i love And BOF, love rain,rooftop prince, now is faith and the one whos coming soon with shi min ah.. i love i love all korean drama they are all the best. i stop watching pilipino drama, cos i get crazy about korean drama.. lots of love love love for kbs sbs etc.. kamsahamnida
Bridal mask is my favorite <3 i just love that drama :-) and it's romantic
I love almost all genres, Melodrama is not for me. Why? I think real life is already a melodrama so why should I spend my quality time watching something I encounter everyday. My favourite dramas this season are I do, I do and A gentlemans dignity. Why do I love them. They are dramas that make me happy after a hard days work. During the sad moments I think " there are people that are in a worse situation than I am" That makes me forget my problems. And when the drama is over I am sad, but these are also dramas, when I think of certain situations that occur in the drama I smile and that makes me want to watch them again :D
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