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If you have 24 hours left in Indonesia but still want to explore the country without leaving Jakarta, consider visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) (Indonesia Miniature Park) in East Jakarta. The purpose behind this 250 acres park is to gather and present Indonesia in miniature form. Thus, it exhibits synopsises of the country’s cultures ranging from those in Aceh to Papua. For a country as big as Indonesia, that is quite an ambitious target, but it has more or less been achieved. Start the journey by crossing the park using its Skylift cable car, which has two tracks at the west and east side of the main gate. The 15-minute ride will provide a view of the lake AND its mini “islands” resembling the archipelago. “This is the Indonesian version of the movie Around the World in Eighty Days,” said visitor Frances Jodie, referring screen adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel. There are several options of transportation to explore TMII, including bicycles. Visitors can choose between single, two, three or even four-seater bicycles to rent. Pedalling one’s way through the park is quite a famous weekend activity for many Jakartans thanks to the park’s tracks. A good way to enjoy the park is by exploring the pavilions that represent the numerous provinces in Indonesia along with their culture and artworks. Each province pavilion has its own traditional houses as well as other cultural items such as weapons and costumes. Most of the pavilions are not only equipped with replicas and artwork but also real people engaged in preserving culture. In West Sumatra’s pavilion, for example, a group of people was practicing the province’s piring dance, which is performed with plates. The 38-year-old TMII is home to fourteen museums, which showcase technology, transportation, telecommunication and culture. The Electrical and Renewable Energy Museum houses a very interesting nuclear pressured water reactor. The park contains about ten gardens, including a bird park, orchid garden, cactus garden, fresh water aquariums and reptile park. A huge aquatic park called Snow Bay is located at the front of TMII’s entrance while Istana Anak-anak Indonesia playground is situated just north of it. For a more relaxed experience that involves no splashing about or bicycle rides, watch a movie at Keong Mas, the oldest IMAX theatre in Indonesia. The selection of movies focus on local culture, the arts and wildlife. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: Jl. Raya Taman Mini Jakarta Timur (021) 840-1687
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@keshie alright I will definitely keep that in mind if i get the chance to visit Jakarta~ thank you :)
yes! definitely a must visit if you happen to come to Jakarta :)
from looking at the photo I thought it was just a water park~ but after clicking on to the articles then I realized it's a miniature park and wow this place looks huge so I am not sure if it really is a miniature park haha but it definitely looks like a must visit for all tourists to Jakarta, am I correct? @keshie