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Burgers now make up just more than 45% of all sandwiches sold in France, according to research from the French consulting firm Gira Conseil cited by the Telegraph. The research cites 2013 burger sales, which rose from a mere one in nine in 2000. Moreover, three-quarters of traditional French restaurants now list "le burger" on their menus; in many cases burgers outsell more traditional meals such as steak frites. Consumption of the baguette itself, dispensed from countless corner boulangeries, also appears to be declining. It's the portable variety filled with jambon, fromage and other items, however, that's really beleaguered, figures show. On top of that, France is McDonald's second largest market, after the United States. In 2012, French fast food sales accounted for 54% of the restaurant
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@joebiden definitely agree that people have to stop with the stereotypical thoughts :) and wow le burger... i just want to start using that from now ahaahha
haha yeah @pampam93, what about le fries?
"excuse me sir may I have le burger set the one that comes with le fries and cola" hahahahahah I think I will just sounds ridiculous to the guy at the counter but le fries sounds good to me too @joebiden
hahahhaha yeah I would never say this in the us @pampam93
@joebiden I mean in Thailand if i order in English they wouldn't understand me anyways so either fries, le fries, burger or le burger it will most likely sound ridiculous to the guy at the counter anyways hahah