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Dating on a budget

Walking through places, take a lazy stroll to the flea market. Walking through places like this is not only a great way to spend time (and spot a bargain in the process) but you’ll be able to chat about the stuff you see.

After a tiring day out and about, rent a movie and make a night of it. Choose the film together, get some popcorn and some Coke, put your feet up – and snuggle up. Scary movies are bound to get you to snuggle up even more! Trust us.

Or if shopping is not your thing, try wine or beer tasting – they’re usually inexpensive and are often located where there is romantic scenery with your beautiful girl. After your both nicely relaxed, return home and give each other a massage. Of course, this depends at what point you’re at in your relationship!

Another angle is to stay close to home – arrange your bathroom with scented candles, a bottle of bubbly, and calm, sexy music. Place rose petals on your bed (which is covered with your best sheets) and see what happens! Again, this will all depend on where you are in your relationship with London girls.
Step things up! Check out your city guide online and see what’s free and fun this week. Go check out London girls history – many historic landmarks are free or inexpensive to visit. And bring your camera – don’t forget to pack a picnic.

Picnics are a fine tradition and what better way to spend time alone with your date with a girl, and while a picnic is cheap, there’s nothing that feels remotely “cheap” about them.

An important advice

We have to introduce a simple and important advice form The Free Dating Sites Directory Review has this idea that we love: “A simple way to make things cost effective and to date more impulsively is to put both of (your) ideas onto an individual sheet of paper and place them in a bowl.

When your date with a girl opens up the door, ask to your call girl to reach inside and select a piece of paper. Kind of like a lucky dip. And the rules are this: You both must go on the selected date which has just become your random and spontaneous inexpensive date.”

Dating on a budget? You’re only limited by your imagination.