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Communication between a couple, no matter how good it may seem, is always at risk to break down and be a problem area. Finding the right words is almost never easy, and it’s hard to know how your significant other really feels. And for all the times that girls wish their guy understood them better, there are just as many instances where guys feel the same way. The reason girls don’t notice is because guys are less likely to complain about being discouraged or misunderstood. They have just as many insecurities and frustrations as girls do, but they just aren’t as good at expressing them. The next time you’re unsure of what to say to your guy, consider these options. “I Understand” This might seem simple, but a lot of women forget to say it. Sometimes men may feel insecure about expressing their problems or emotions, thinking that their feelings are silly or unjustified. Letting him know that you understand why he feels how he does will elevate the quality of your communication with one another and encourage him to share more. Your True Feelings Guys often feel like figuring out their partner’s problems to be a frustrating guessing game. Men are problem solvers, and they want all the facts so they can solve your problems. Even if you don’t necessarily want your man to analyze your feelings, express them clearly so he can know where you’re coming from. More Encouragement and Affirmation Whether they admit it or not, all men have insecurities. Between work, family, and romantic relationships, there are a lot of areas where they are prone to feel inadequate. Even highly successful men are likely to have these feelings. You can never encourage or affirm your guy too much. If he seems sad or distracted, a thoughtful bit of encouragement can go a long way. Even if he doesn’t show his feelings, you will always be doing a good thing by providing affirmation.