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7 Trends to Let Die From 2013
2013 was a great year for fashion. As always, designers brought new, exciting concepts to the table and moved fashion forward in bold ways. But there are some trends from 2013 that couldn’t pass soon enough. It seems that for every chic fashion hit there is a corresponding fashion flop. Pay attention to these trends from 2013, and let them stay in the past, where they belong. 1. Printed Pants This trend meant well, and the concept isn’t terribly bad. But in execution, printed pants are loud, unflattering, and almost impossible to pull off. 2. “Flatforms” It’s hard to tell what the point of flatforms might be. They’re hideous, so they’re not designed for style. They do provide a nice height boost though. 3. Wedge Sneakers Accept the fact that you will never quite be able to combine class and comfort. It’s a goal that designers attempt to conquer yet fail again and again. 4. Jumpsuits Honestly, I’d say that the jumpsuit has never truly been a fashionable garment. Although it had some popularity back in the day, it needs to be a piece of fashion history that we never repeat.
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@ameliasantos10 I am of a different opinion. I do agree, though, that if you are to wear printed pants, you must go with a plain top
4 years ago·Reply
Haha all trends need to go
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden I would definitely not go that far
4 years ago·Reply
While I agree that wedge sneakers that are way too crazy need to go, I've seen a few pair I don't mind! I think, with the right look, they can be alright, haha! ^^
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile I think most of them are taken too far but I have also seen a couple that are pretty cute!
4 years ago·Reply