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The skirt is an incredibly versatile garment. It can be adapted to a variety of outfits and dressed up or down. Skirts can even be a year-round garment when worn with stockings and leggings. To take advantage of the skirts in your closet, follow these tips. 1. Learn to Love Lace Lace is a great skirt material. It can go from vintage to formal and almost anywhere in-between. Check consignment shops and boutiques to scope out lace for your wardrobe. 2. Use a Neutral Palate For the most part, it’s best to stick with neutral colors when it comes to skirts. Avoiding lots of bright colors will make it easier to assemble outfits and match garments. 3. Always Have At Least One Statement Piece After you’ve got some neutral skirts, go crazy and get a bright, colorful skirt that makes a statement. If you pick the right color and pattern, your statement pieces will be at least a little bit matchable. 4. Know the Difference Between Chic and Costume Beware of frills and poofs when it comes to skirts. A skirt with lots of frills and body can cross the line from hip to costumey quite easily. As a general rule, don’t combine bows, frills, or layers with one another.
the piece in the fourth photo is adorable!! @LauraAJ and @lillyann i definitely agree with you :) I have seen so many skorts that are just as cute as skirts hahaha although I don't own any but maybe I should purchase one! :D
I love all your tips on how to make the skirt looks adorbs but for me these days I have been buying some skorts too~ they have the same style as skirts but also easier for you to get around in and they actually have some really cute design these days @LauraAJ don’t you agree?