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Multitalented celebrities are hard to come by. And some celebrities have no talent at all (I’m looking at you, Kardasians). On the whole, celebrities are typically limited to one talent apiece. However, there are a few actresses who can steal the show in more than just one arena. Here are 5 popular actresses with fantastic voices that nobody seems to know about. Kristen Bell Penelope Cruz Scarlett Johansson Emma Stone Nicole Kidman Photo Credits: 1. via Wikimedia Commons 2. via Wikimedia Commons 3. via Wikimedia Commons 4. via Wikimedia Commons 5. via Wikimedia Commons
on Moulonge rouge Nicole Kidman could sing too
@I have not seen Les Miserables but I have heard that she was stupendous in it!
@coolestx133 I think for me she had always been a great actress since the Princess Diaries back then ,, hmm then what did you think about her acting in Les Miserables ?? I thought that her solo scene was probably one of the best!
@ameliasantos10 you are absolutely right! Anne Hathaways is a great singer, but I am still not completely convinced by her acting...
oh wow I forgot how well Emma Stone can sing haha I watched Easy A so many times over but I think I was just distracted because she's so pretty :) Now she's a total perfection great face, amazing voice and the acting talent! Also another actress that has an amazing voice would be Anne Hathaway don't you agree @coolestx133 ?