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Nude Manicure & a metal decoration
I just love this manicure, I mean it’s so simple but all the details on the metal piece is marvellous! Look at all those tiny pearls and the patterns! I think this look is for anybody as it has a very natural look to it so it can never be too much for anyone!
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Those look amazing :D the metal piece makes the whole thing look more elegance and detailed! but do you think the metal piece will stay on for long?? @lillyann
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wow love it,looks cool.
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@ameliasantos10 I think as long as you applied the right glue for the deco and if you are a little bit careful about it there should be no problem :) @ugsi I love this too, isn’t it just adorable ? although I think you might have to get it made though because all the nails places i have gone never had metal deco. for nails :(
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@lillyann @ameliasantos10 I like it but it kind of looks like armor for you nail.
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