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I had always thought that New York City is far more picturesque than any other city I had ever visited, but perhaps I did not stay in those cities long enough. While I will always have a soft spot for New York City, Shanghai is proving to be so much more than I imagined. For one, the city is enormous– much bigger than New York and still growing. And so there is always so much to explore. Every metro stop is in a world of its own. I have only been in Shanghai for a week and a bit, but every time I get lost I end up discovering something completely new. The language is a bit of a problem but nothing that can not be worked through with a bit of intuition. Pictured here is the official Pearl Tower trip. I have been to Shanghai before, but somehow I never ended up going to the top of the tower. The trip up is a must! We were blessed with beautiful clear blue sky and minimal visible pollution, and that definitely helped. I was told I would never see the sky in Shanghai, and today proved the rumor wrong! The amazing sights can only be shown in photos, so here they are!
makes me nervous just to look at, its so high up! @joebiden modern..?
what style of architecture is this?