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Pearl Tower, Shanghai
I had always thought that New York City is far more picturesque than any other city I had ever visited, but perhaps I did not stay in those cities long enough. While I will always have a soft spot for New York City, Shanghai is proving to be so much more than I imagined. For one, the city is enormous– much bigger than New York and still growing. And so there is always so much to explore. Every metro stop is in a world of its own. I have only been in Shanghai for a week and a bit, but every time I get lost I end up discovering something completely new. The language is a bit of a problem but nothing that can not be worked through with a bit of intuition. Pictured here is the official Pearl Tower trip. I have been to Shanghai before, but somehow I never ended up going to the top of the tower. The trip up is a must! We were blessed with beautiful clear blue sky and minimal visible pollution, and that definitely helped. I was told I would never see the sky in Shanghai, and today proved the rumor wrong! The amazing sights can only be shown in photos, so here they are!
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