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Craps Strategies

There are few arguments against the fact that craps is at the top of the list of the most energetic and exciting casino games ever created. Tables are often packed with cheering and energetic players hoping for a winning streak.

Although it is one of the biggest games in the casino and should be enjoyed by everyone, many people are shy when it comes to playing the game. This is typical because they assume that the game is too confusing. If you're shy, go to to find great online casinos.

If this applies to you or you are someone who has already played but is a bit rusty, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you through every nuance of the game. Become a master at the craps tables and teach your friends in no time!

Why play craps?
Every time a game is as popular as craps worldwide, there has to be some reason for it. It is clear to see that craps will continue for a long time as players keep coming back. Here are just a few of the reasons why the game has become so popular and why you should give it a try.

10/10 on the scale for excitement and fun
If you've ever gotten close to a dice table about 30m, you know that there's something special about this game. People usually cheer loudly, give high fives and are completely immersed in the action. Whether you're playing in the casino with other guests or online at home, the game is fast and fun. It's hard to say what is so fun about this game, but if we had to guess, it's probably a combination of the fast pace, the variety of betting options, and the ability to get a big win with a roll of the dice.

Tons of different game types
Unlike some of the simpler casino games, craps has a ton of different options to bet on. Whether you make a small bet or a series of large bets, everyone is involved in the action with every roll of the die. With so many different ways to play, you can experiment and find which bet you enjoy the most. This may be different from what other players like, which makes the game even more interesting. You will never be bored with the many different ways to bet on craps.

Craps has a few bets WITHOUT a house edge
This is a big deal. There are a few bets on dice where the house edge is 0%! This means that the casino will not make any profit from your wager in the long run. This is the only place in the casino where you can find that. Does that mean you have a head start on winning? No, but these are the best odds you can ever get at the casino.

Team spirit and camaraderie
This advantage is usually limited to live casinos. Due to the way the game is structured, the majority of the bets on the table should achieve the same goal. This means that most players at the table hope for the same event and everyone wins if those numbers are rolled. You can imagine the excitement when one of these numbers is rolled and the entire table is paid for!

How to play craps
Described in its simplest form, craps is a game in which you are able to make different bets on the outcome of a player's two dice rolls. Sounds easy, doesn't it? There's a little more to it than that. But we will slowly guide you through. Once you understand the general concept of the game, all the details will become clear.

The game starts with the dice thrower, called the shooter, that rolls to determine what is known as the point. Once this point number is determined, the dice thrower will attempt to roll the same number again before throwing a 7.

Here are the three results that can happen on a throw after the point is set:

If the shooter hits the point, most players will win and the game will reset and start over.
If the shooter rolls a 7, most players will lose and the game will reset and start over.
If the shooter rolls another number, the dice are rolled again until one of the above two things happens.
This is, of course, a simplified view of the game, but once you understand that, you can start putting the other pieces together. The parts that we omitted in our explanation are that there are betting options before the point is thrown (known as come out roll), bets that take place between throws, and also betting options where you “against” the other players bet and bet effectively with the house. That's why we said that when the score is rolled again, most players will win, not all.
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Top 7 PS3 Games that blessed the timeline
Sony corporation's PS3 was an absolute hit and was known to have been the best console of that time. It had the best games with absolutely realistic gameplay, superb graphics, smooth operation. Sony's solid lineup and the launch of PS3 brought some greatest games to life. The Last of Us, Naughty dog's Uncharted series made people love the character, Nathan Drake. It also hosted many multi-platform games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed trilogy, and many more similar games. Let's have a look at the top games that rocked on PlayStation 3 and are still a favorite of thousands of gamers. Moto GP 10/11 The best and the most popular in the era of Motorcycle racing games is hands down Moto GP 10/11. Its franchise is the most renowned and known worldwide whose first installment was released back in the year 2000. This game first brought the use of Artificial Intelligence which gave the gamers a unique and more realistic version of driving a motorcycle. It gives you 17 different race tracks and also has an online mode to enable you to play with 20 other persons. One popular unparalleled feature of this game is that you can join your friend as a co-rider during any match. This gives a much tactical side of the game apart from just speeding. You and your co-mate can work together and strategize to keep other bikers away from the winner’s podium. Well, there are other bike games to try for PS3 as well. Red Dead Redemption It was labeled as the western epic when the game was released. Rockstar has impressed gamers with the most lived game Red Dead Redemption such that the craze of this game is still on. Before the release of this game, people were fascinated with Grand Theft Auto both on PC as well as on PlayStation. The quality of the game was on point. Although it was a bit expensive, unique gameplay and story was the thing that people were fascinated with. With an average rating of 9.98. Users have found that this was the best game on PS3. Grand Theft Auto 5 Again rockstar games never fail to impress us. GTA 5 is one of the finest and advanced versions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Free gameplay was walking around the world with a little bit of violence. Rockstar pretty much tried to put the feel of roaming around in LA. The view was as close as possible to Los Angeles which was a combo of elegance and despair. Although the game was familiar, it won the hearts of the audience as it was packed with loads of action, surprises, digging your way through tough enemies, roaming through the streets in your way, the immersive story and gameplay, and whatnot. With a pretty decent review of 9.95, this game is one of the best in the franchise. The Last of Us The last of us is a masterpiece. Similar to how Naughty dog impressed us with the Uncharted trilogy. This game is a satisfying game that revolves around the vision of a pandemic that takes place in New York City in 2033, focusing on the ultimate Survival. The gameplay is dangerous and also absolutely unpredictable. It's based on choices that you name with the narrator. The path is filled with thrill, suspense, and sudden twists in the plot. You don't know when a ray of hope turns into a tragedy. So with a review of 9.95, this was one of the best games ever launched by Naughty dog. Uncharted 2: Among thieves Uncharted 2 was the very first game that was played on the PS3 console. Naughty dog impressed users with its story play and how realistic the game is. The game is like a rollercoaster ride that plots the path of Nathan drake who follows the trail of Marco Polo and a precious gem named Chintamani. Packed with adventure and action. The game raised the bar for PS3 and was rated as one of the best games of the year. The game has won many awards and still is a genuine classic. With a review of 9.95, it's one of the games that deserves its position in the top 5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted One of the best racing games of that time. After the failure of Need for Speed: The Run. The new version took fans by awe. Criterion took the challenge to present gamers with NFS: Most Wanted. Let's talk about the gameplay and the graphics. The game provides a real-life experience and gives a chance to race with real-life car models. The clarity and picture in detail are pretty awesome where everything looks realistic. Max Payne 3 Max Payne 3 was a major hit worldwide as it got released in the year 2012. Rockstar Studio’s unique storyline and action-thriller gave the fans a Max Payne series. It was built on engines similar to what was used in the Grand Theft Auto series. Without a doubt, it is one of the best games with a fantastic storyline which has hooked up the gamers till now. Many latest games have come up with slow mode options while fighting which is remastered from this old popular Max Payne. This unique ability in the character slows down in-game time and facilitates to take actions against enemies. The game allows you to change even the protagonist of the story and has incredible twists to the story mode too.
1440p HDR Asus Monitor: The Best Cheap Option for a Quality Monitor
This is a very common question: How much a monitor should cost? With so many monitor manufacturers making modules and screens, how do you know what to spend? The best thing to do is to ask for a quote and see what you can get away with. I have a sample monitor for a cheap price and have a lot of stock anywhere around the world. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ1B TUF Gaming graphics cards, designed for professional gamers, the new ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ1B with embedded 4K/UHD ready HDMI output DisplayPort and exclusive TUF Frame Thermal Radar technology, is a dedicated graphics card that delivers immersive gameplay. The GPU is powered by NVIDIA Pascal architecture to deliver up to 17% faster performance than previous-generation graphics cards. Support HDR10 via DisplayPort and HDMI to provide brilliant visuals. ASUS ROG Strix XG27WQ With its advanced HDR technology, can display more details in dark scenes for an incredible visual experience. The TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS ROG Strix XG27WQ displays the widest DCI-P3 95% color gamut and DisplayHDR 400 certification. With an immersive gaming experience, supports a refresh rate of up to 144Hz and an overclocking speed of up to 165Hz. It also has powerful hardware that can provide smoother gameplay and reduce input lag. The gaming rig provides a lag-free gaming experience with a reduced stutter and tearing. This is possible because of ASUS EyeCare technology that optimizes eye care by making the onscreen content more stable, even during fast-motion scenes. ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQ ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQ gaming monitor is designed for the intense gamer. This ultrafast 170Hz (overclocked) refresh rate monitor was designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay. FastIPS technology enables a 1ms response time (GTG) for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates. The bezel-less design that comes with a slim profile and an ultra-high resolution of 3440x1440 pixels (HDR400) and a 178° viewing angle all make it the ideal choice for serious gamers. We always love to hear about computer monitors. Many people are happy to buy it for less than a hundred bucks. It’s a very popular item for people who like an affordable high-quality monitor. But the question is what’s the best one for them? Well, to find the best Cheap Monitor with 144z, you have to have a look at many different models and decide which one fits your budget and needs the most.
5 Wege zur Verbesserung der CPU-Leistung für Gaming.
CPUs sind das Herzstück eines jeden Computers. Sie sind für die Ausführung der wichtigsten Aufgaben wie das Rendern von Grafiken und das Spielen verantwortlich. Aber wenn Sie keine gute CPU haben, wird Ihr Spielerlebnis nicht so reibungslos sein, wie es sein könnte. Und wenn Sie kein flüssiges Spielerlebnis haben, können Sie Ihre Lieblingsspiele vielleicht gar nicht spielen. Um die beste Leistung aus Ihrer CPU herauszuholen, müssen Sie ihre Leistung verbessern. Hier sind fünf Möglichkeiten, wie Sie die Leistung Ihrer Beste LGA 1155 CPU für Gaming verbessern können. Kenne die Fähigkeiten deiner CPU. Eines der ersten Dinge, die du tun musst, ist, die Fähigkeiten deiner CPU zu kennen. Das ist wichtig, denn so können Sie feststellen, wie gut Ihre CPU mit Spielen umgehen kann. Wenn Ihre CPU beispielsweise für ihre Fähigkeit bekannt ist, High-End-Spiele zu bewältigen, müssen Sie sicherstellen, dass sie dies auch kann, um die beste Leistung aus Ihren Spielen herauszuholen. Optimieren Sie Ihre CPU für Spiele. Eine der wichtigsten Maßnahmen, um die Leistung Ihrer CPU für Spiele zu verbessern, ist deren Optimierung. Die Optimierung Ihrer CPU kann dazu beitragen, dass Ihr Spiel flüssiger läuft und Sie eine höhere Bildrate erhalten. Außerdem kannst du durch die Optimierung deiner CPU Zeit sparen und dein Spielerlebnis verbessern. Verbessern Sie Ihre CPU-Geschwindigkeit. Eine der wichtigsten Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der CPU-Geschwindigkeit ist die Änderung der Frequenz. Eine Änderung der CPU-Frequenz kann dazu beitragen, dass sie schneller und reibungsloser läuft. Auf diese Weise können Sie Ihre Lieblingsspiele mit mehr Stabilität und weniger Störungen spielen. Reduzieren Sie die Belastung Ihrer CPU. Die Reduzierung der CPU-Belastung ist eines der wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie für Ihr Spielerlebnis tun können. Spiele erfordern eine Menge Rechenleistung und Ressourcen. Wenn Ihre CPU überlastet ist, kann sie ihre Aufgabe nicht mehr so gut erfüllen. Dies kann zu schlechter Leistung und einer verkürzten Lebensdauer Ihrer CPU führen. # Verwenden Sie die richtige Software Es ist wichtig, dass Sie die richtige Software verwenden, wenn Sie Spiele spielen. Die falsche Software kann zu Problemen mit Ihrem Computer und Ihrem Spielerlebnis führen. Sie sollten keine nicht aktualisierte Anwendung oder ein Programm verwenden, das nicht vom Hersteller empfohlen wird. # Erhöhe den Arbeitsspeicher Der Arbeitsspeicher ist ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor, den du beim Spielen berücksichtigen solltest. Wenn Sie nicht genügend Arbeitsspeicher haben, können Sie möglicherweise nicht so gut spielen, wie Sie könnten. Ein größerer Arbeitsspeicher hilft Ihrer CPU, schneller zu arbeiten und ein besseres Gameplay zu bieten. # Verwenden Sie eine Grafikkarte Eine Grafikkarte ist ein weiterer wichtiger Bestandteil Ihres Computers, den Sie beim Spielen in Betracht ziehen sollten. Mit einer guten Grafikkarte können Sie Spiele mit hohen Auflösungen und hohen Bildraten spielen. Außerdem trägt sie dazu bei, die Qualität Ihres Spielerlebnisses zu verbessern. Finden Sie heraus, mit welcher Optimierungssoftware Sie die Leistung Ihrer CPU verbessern können Eines der wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie tun können, um Ihre CPU-Leistung zu verbessern, ist herauszufinden, welche Optimierungssoftware Ihnen helfen kann. Diese Software kann Ihnen helfen, Ihre CPU für eine bessere Leistung zu optimieren, die Geschwindigkeit Ihres Prozessors zu erhöhen und die Zeit zu verkürzen, die Ihr Computer zum Starten benötigt. Zu den beliebtesten Optimierungsprogrammen für CPUs gehören Asus Maximus 790i, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, Intel Core i5-8400 und Intel Core i7-8700K. Informieren Sie sich über die Funktionen und Bewertungen dieser Programme, bevor Sie entscheiden, welches für Sie am besten geeignet ist.