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By Photographer Emily Soto
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I don’t think I have the look to pull this off either :( I wish I could though considering how ADORABLE these pieces are!! @onesmile
4 years ago·Reply
maybe just elements of it~~ like, tulle bows with flowers~~ can take thr inspiration, but not the otherwordliness hehe @lillyann
4 years ago·Reply
yes I think we can take these as wardrobe inspiration! what’s your favourite spring outfit haha? I always loved a white dress or floral pattern dress in the spring! @onesmile
4 years ago·Reply
@lillyann sounds pretty~~ for me, I like light wash jeans or shorts, white tops and light jackets or blazers ^^ or maybe a pretty blue skirt!!
4 years ago·Reply
that sounds totally adorable too!! haha love the blazers though! That’s like a must have item for spring!! @onesmile
4 years ago·Reply