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VPNs are the best way to spoof your IP to watch movies and TV series from a blocked IP. Some are free, others have a limited bandwidth but you can test it out to see if it is worth subscribing.
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are you in iran @laniepersis?
4 years ago·Reply
@laniepersis free ones often don't work but the paid ones will. It cost usd10 per month to subscribe. If you are only streaming hulu to your country then try the proxmate plug in for chrome or Firefox . Those are free to use.
4 years ago·Reply
thank you for the info bernard it is really helpful for me
4 years ago·Reply
@ Curtis not at this moment, im living in Istanbul but sometimes i traveled to iran for vacation
4 years ago·Reply
Cool, what do you do in istanbul @Laniepersis
4 years ago·Reply