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If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you have seen your fair share of "wrist grabbing" scenes. Someone is always grabbing someone else's wrist for whatever reason. Whether they drag the person away, or they stop them from leaving, each situation is different. Here are the 9 types that are seen most often. 1. The "Don't Go." 2. The "I need to talk to you away from here." 3. The " I clearly have feelings for you." 4. The "Just stop." 5. The "Lady wrist grab." 6. The "I'm saving you." 7. The "Dude." 8. The "Don't touch my honey." 9. The "Double Wrist Grab." It seems like K-Dramas are going one step further these days with the wrist grabs, featuring more and more double wrist grabs. There are also many more kinds of wrist grab scenes in Korean dramas; these are just some! What are your favorite "wrist grab" moments? Let us know in the comments below!
number 8 which drama is that plzzzz.answer me
awesome...i too had a same expereince..
added me for liking eunsan-kimtan-youngdo for they are the best:)
my favourite has got to be the last one, the double grab lol they all just look like they are going to combine power and i don't know release some magical power @divalycious which one is yours