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In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 13, Lee Jae Kyung(played by Shin Sung Rok) saw Han Yoo Ra(played by Yoo In Young)’s ghost. Jae Kyung was in his office alone talking to himself saying, “Who told the prosecutor about me? It must be Cheon Song Yi(played by Jun Ji Hyun). I can’t think of anyone else but her. Annoying things like that happen when I don’t get rid of things on the right time.” Just then, Yoo Ra’s ghost appeared in front of him. Jae Kyung pointed at her and said, “This is all your fault. She’s on the target because you told her about our relationship to boss around in front of your rival.” Yoo Ra said, “You’re trying to blame on me?” He continued, “No use staring at me like that. You can’t do anything to me. That’s why I killed you.”
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my wish is that he will just go crazy after he is arrested for killing all those people ... erghhh seeing his face just makes me angryyy = =;