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In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 15, Yoo Se Mi(played by Yoo In Na) asked Cheon Song Yi(played by Jun Ji Hyun) to accept Lee Hwi Kyung(played by Park Hae Jin)’s proposal. Se Mi said to Song Yi, “To you Hwi Kyung may have been just a good friend, but for me he was the one I wanted even if I had to give up on everything I have. When Hwi Kyung dived in to save you when you fell from the wire, I prayed at that moment that it should be me to be killed, not him. Hwi Kyung probably have felt the same way for you. And that’s why he dived in.” Se Mi continued, “Alright, Cheon Song Yi. I ask you. Could you please accept Hwi Kyung’s proposal? He will love you and care for you for the rest of his life. Either one of us should end up happy, don’t you think?”