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In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 17, Do Min Joon(played by Kim Soo Hyun) got drunk and caused a blackout in his neighborhood. Jang Young Mok(played by Kim Chang Wan) felt bad for Min Joon and asked if he wanted to have a drink. At first, Min Joon refused because he knew his habit when he gets drunk, but he eventually decided to drink. Min Joon sadly said, “You asked me before didn’t you? How I’ve managed to live alone for a long time, and if I weren’t lonely. I’ve never felt lonely for living alone. But now that I have someone I love, and the fact that I have to leave her, I feel so lonely. I feel like I’m left alone in this whole universe.” Just then, the lights in the house went off. When Young Mok came back with a candle in his hands, Min Joon was already outside on his deck. He looked at a billboard where it used to have Cheon Song Yi(played by Jun Ji Hyun)’s photo on it, but as he saw Yoo Se Mi(played by Yoo In Na) on it instead, he got mad. Then all the lights in his neighborhood went off.