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For many couples, cohabitation is a logical part of their relationship’s progression. They meet, become acquainted, date for a length of time, and then comes the question of whether or not to move in together. Couples reach this conclusion by thinking that cohabitation is sort of a test-run for marriage. They think that testing their compatibility by living together, without the restraint of a commitment, will ensure that they can proceed into a committed relationship later on. This idea might seem perfectly reasonable, but cohabitation isn’t always as beneficial as it seems. Some statistical studies show that couples who cohabitate before marriage either end their relationships before they commit, or they are unable to maintain their relationship after marriage. However, there are some important things that couples should know before they decide to move in together. Consider these facts about cohabitation and long-term relationships before you make the leap with your significant other. Relationships Change The dynamics of even the best and most compatible relationships change over time. Your habits will change as well as theirs. As you grow and mature as a person, you relationship will change too. The challenge is to grow your relationship as you and your partner grow. Domestic Partnership Takes Work Living in the same space introduces a whole new set of issues and responsibilities into your relationship. All of a sudden you and your partner have to decide who will clean the kitchen, pay the utilities, or do the laundry. Delegating this work fairly can be difficult, and it may put a strain on your relationship. You Will Annoy One Another No matter how well you get along before you share a home, you will eventually begin to get on each other’s nerves. Sharing a living area can be stressful in all kinds of relationships, romantic or otherwise. The Excitement Will Wear Off Image your life together once the honeymoon phase of moving in with your partner is over. Imagine normal day-to-day life with that person, and be as objective and realistic as possible. This is important. Once the initial excitement wears off, you will be in an entirely different situation than before you moved in together. And it’s very important to ponder whether or not that’s what you really want.
hahahha did jump in sound too weird? hmm.. I think for me I want to move in after marriage and not before lol like you know there's the pressure between the two people and I feel like it will be more interesting(?) after the marriage and not before ... lol i just sound weird now don't I ? @kristenadams
@ameliasantos10 what do you mean by "just jump in" hahaha That sounds like it will require a new set of caveats ahaha
I definitely agree with the last 2 points, I feel like I will really get annoyed with someone after living with them for a while .. I rather just not test run it and just jump in with the excitement haha what about you? @kristenadams