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Fashion favorites XD - never would have expected to see these three in the same post!! no idea how it took me this long to realize they all matched! hahahaha
Ivy Chen!
@ameliasantos10 yes - i liked that movie too -he was soo cute and soooo young omg! I loved him best in You're my Pet tho!! haha @linda7 yea - i hope so too! He needs to! And omg so true about GD lol "when he wants to!" lol
JGS is always adorable. College is over and he can hopefully get some rest, eat properly and cut down his busy schedule. GD can really be cute when he wants to be.
@serbshavemofun yes I think a lot of things are weighting on him and he had gotten skinny and the long hair makes him look even more feminine... yes I hope he finds his balance and actually have you seen the movie "Baby and I " that was the first time I saw him !! and I fell in love hahaha
@ameliasantos10 I'm with you -JKS I love, but he's starting to look like the life is taking its toll on him, physically and psychologically :( I hope he finds balance and happiness in life again. I love his zany-ness: bright and lively and positive!
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