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Chingus i highly recommend it wahhhh just saw it ITS AWESOME watch it if u all can to c it plzzz follow dis link ENJOY @divalycious thanku soo solo much unniee U 2 PLZZ WATCH IT :) LOVE DIS MOVIE
I hadn't no time last weekend to watch this movie make sure this weekend sure
@saharhyunjoong alright I will make sure I check this movie out and get back to you guys about this movie I heard about it before but i just never go around to see it yet xD
@ameliasantos10 unnie it is sports related not sure abt the genre but its amazing u shd watch it
@tyta468 @ameliasantos10 unnies the link is in the description check it out nd enjoy its worth it I LOVED IT :-)♥
I need to see this too!! what a perfect combination too! Lee Jong Suk & Seo In Guk > /// < @saharhyunjoong what genre is the movie though???
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