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Chingus I captured this smile myself of oppa using my iPod lol I love oppas smile oppas smile is the Best I d even know how many times I rewinded to capture oppas smile 😊 But just wanna share w u all I have great memories w oppa Happy birthday oppa love u sooo much and missz u my king love u chohna Admin Sahar
Tiene una sonrisa hermosa me encanta :)
@saharhyunjoong but because of Soohyun's smile now I feel like i look at people's smile alot more now and feel their sincerity haha like I will only be friends if you can show your sincerity like Kim Soo Hyun oppa ahhahahaha
@ameliasantos10 agree w u on dat 100% i went crazy over oppa smile nd laugh dats y i reminded a few times 2 capture it :-D i had 2 i just had 2 go back lol a few times love oppas smile :-) thanks 4 that moment oppa ♥ :-)
my heart will be melting... #zzzzyyyyuuutttt
@tyta468 I agree he has a pure smile, even though it's acting his smile jus look so sincere :)
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