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Stewart was fascinated that many of the appointees haven’t even been to appointed countries, with one alleging he didn’t know much about the country he was supposed to act as official liaison to. When trying to determine why some of the nominees could seem so oblivious to their prospective posts, Stewart focused on one very important thing. “It definitely couldn’t be because the new Norway nominee raised $850,000 for Obama’s re-election campaign, or the Argentinian one raised $500,000 or the Icelandic one bundled $1.6 million, that would mean that not only would Democrats be seen as corrupt (but Nancy Pelosi told me personally only Republicans are) that Iceland costs like three times more than Argentina,” Stewart said, mocking the Democrat’s for their hypocrisy.
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hahahha, isn't this standard practice over many many years?
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Yes, doesn't make it right
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