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@ameliasantos10 ... actually ... i had heard something similar along these lines in a lyric a few years ago the band is East West in "Song X"
maybe I should look that up then... I really like the meaning of this sentence hahaha thanks for bringing me another obsession lol previously you got me hooked to I need Romance lol
hahahahahahaha @ameliasantos10 ... not sure how much you like Metal ... they are a metal band ... Enjoy!!
@divalycious oh well then we shall see how i feel about metal group then :D like i said you might bring new obsession to me again lol hahahahhaha
@ameliasantos10 .. hahahahahahaha it's either gonna be love 'em or not [then i'd say invest in good ear plugs] ... lemme know if you and when you listen to them ... the album name is "The Light in Guinevere's Garden"