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Powder pinks, mint greens and washed-out lavenders are just a few of the statement-making pastels you’ll be seeing in the upcoming seasons. Pastels are a hot commodity this fall, as they’re ultra-feminine and extremely versatile. These chalky pastel hues have been seen everywhere in previous seasons, from nails to business suits. Check out how to blend playful pastel garments with candy-colored accessories this spring. Start Small If you’re not yet ready to commit to head-to-toe pastels, start with some sweet accessories. Make a solid black dress pop with a palette of pretty pastel bangles on your arm. Scarves, slim belts and footwear can also feature these fun colors. Pair with Denim You can’t go wrong with pairing your pastel garment with some ripped denim. Try a pastel blouse with boyfriend jeans or under a denim jacket. Color Block Combine two popular trends: pastels and color blocking. Color blocking with keep you looking hip and sophisticated. Opt for a darker shade on the bottom and lighter on the top, while choosing two garments in the same color family. Rock It Get a little edgy by pairing your pastel piece with a studded or black leather top. Even a comfy rock-inspired tee can be worn under a pastel jacket for a hot rock look. Keep It Simple Keep your hair and makeup simple when wearing pretty pastels. As these hues are super soft and feminine, your makeup should be subtle and your hair relaxed. Think fresh waves and a pale pink shadow. Be Bold Don’t be afraid to be bold when sporting pastels. Choose a primary focus item, the brighter the better. Whether it’s a bright statement bag or a chunky necklace, a statement piece can make or break an outfit. Try with Ombre Another fun spring trend, ombre can be meshed with pastels for a beach-time look. Choose a garment that features a nice transition from dark to light, paired with neutral jeans or pants. Don Heels Open-toe and peep-toe high heels, wedges, and stilettos are also excellent options for a pastel ensemble. Heels will not only flaunt your legs, making them appear slimmer and more toned, but they also add instant spice to any outfit. Pastels have become a go-to look for many women when the spring and summer seasons arrive. One of the best things about pastels is that you can incorporate them as you like. No need to dress head-to-toe in peach or dusty rose hues. Add pastels to your wardrobe in a way that makes you feel pretty, confident and stylish.
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@lillyann I completely agree girl!
@ameliasantos10 I understand that pastel sometimes can be over worn because of the colour but you have to be careful haha because I totally do the same thing sometimes but hopefully I will keep these tips in mind :) @LauraAJ thanks for the tips :D
Sometimes I forgot how hard it was to pair up pastels with different items but after reading your posts it definitely help me out a lot :) thanks for the tips! ^^ Don't you have those times where because you think it's just pastel and lighter colour you can just pair it up with anything?