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For most people, it's a hard and fast rule: never take back an ex. But, there are times that a love from your past may be worth a second look. A few indications to get back together: The Factors That Caused the Break-up Were External Did conflicting schedules, a rough family situation or some other element outside your relationship contribute to the break-up? If that factor is no longer in play, you may be able to make it work the second time around. You Both Know How You Want the Relationship to Change This is a situation that requires a lot of honesty with yourself, and with one another. If you both know what made things go wrong and want it to be different, there is a chance that you can be happier together. But, keep your eyes open while you give it another shot. If you both fall back into the old patterns that caused you to split up before, exit the relationship, pronto. Second chances are reasonable; a new chance every single week is more headache than its worth. The Break-up Was Far in the Past Did you run across an ex from long ago on social media or around town? You may find that you still have the chemistry that brought you together long ago. And, years apart may mean that you both now have the maturity to make it work. In the end, only you know whether your ex could be the right one for you after all. Think carefully about the reasons you are willing to give the relationship another go and why you broke up in the first place. Through this honest introspection, you can decide whether the one you let get away is the one that was meant for you.
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@ameliasantos10 actually I would say that if you are thinking "we need to take it at a slower pace" then you should not try to get close to that guy again. Still too many emotions left there :(
I personally don't really believe in the idea that a couple that broke up completely could come back together but maybe after reading your posts I might be a little bit more persuaded :) though I think the second time around thing has to be taken at a slower pace ..