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CNBLUE is the talented rock band from South Korea. When they were starting, they wanted to gain experience in Japan. So, from June 2009, they came to Japan for half a year as “music errant” doing music activities and giving more than 100 performances in street and live houses. Then, the first mini-album Bluetory was released on January 2010 in South Korea and on October 2011, the debut single major in Japan, In My Head. Today the band has grown up and became very popular worldwide. On January 17th, the first documentary movie The Story of CNBLUE/NEVER STOP was released in Japan. While they were in Japan to promote their movie, excite MUSIC got the opportunity to interview the members. What were your impressions when you heard about this documentary film? Jonghyun: I thought it was too early, but this documentary is not only for this time, if we could film again, it would be good if this film takes part in during our growth. And also, the title is “NEVER STOP”(laughs). Because the camera filmed lot of videos, I thought it was too much (laughs), but I felt sad when the filming was over. Minhyuk: At first I was worried about how I should be filmed, but, I also felt sad after filming. The camera followed us wherever we went, documenting everything at any given time. Honestly, I thought it was really annoying (laughs), but when it was finished, I was worried if they had taken the scenes they needed. How did you feel by watching this documentary of yourself? Minhyuk: It was embarrassing to see our faces up close on the big screen. (laughs) Jungshin: I also felt embarrassed and felt strange because of the fact that we were going to appear on the screen of a theater. After, as we showed our natural side, I thought this film was done very well. There is a scene when you are visiting Shinjuku where you did street live. The street performance seemed to be such a hard experience for you, was there any event that was encouraging? Yonghwa: When we did a street performance in Shinjuku for the first time, college students from Korea stopped and watched us, it was really appreciated. Jonghyun: Yeah, we were agonising on how to keep performing in that situation because nobody watched us. But, when we were about to finish our performance, people stopped to watch us. It was a great encouragement to us. Were there any exchanges with other bands who were doing street live as well? Jonghyun: No, we did our best to do our own performance. Jungshin: When we were performing at live houses, there was a band who was interested in us. Even though we couldn’t communicate because we were not good in Japanese at that time, they helped us. They gave us advice and drink. It was a big help for us. Yonghwa: They gave us half-finished drinks. (laughs) Of course, we accepted it gratefully! There is an impressive scene in which Jonghyun is saying “I became the vocalist of our band” because Yonghwa had decided to appear in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. Now all members are active as actor, but why are you still keeping band activity? Jonghyun: We all like music very much, so band activities are more of a hobby than work. Since music is what we like most, we are continuing without problems. Even if you have something unpleasant, when you are playing together with your musical instruments, you can forget these bad things? Jonghyun: The stress that I usually have goes away when I listen to music and when I do a live concert. The first half of your world tour has been recorded in the movie; second half will start from next week. By going around the world, are there any changes in your mind? Yonghwa: There’s nothing really special. I feel that everybody is willing to love my obsession with music and with that I feel that I can do what I want to do more from now. What exactly is your obsession with music? Yonghwa: Composing music, writing lyrics, and arranging a lot of music. Does this mean that it’s not perceived differently according to the country? Yonghwa: Yes, it does. I see. To finish, do you have a message for our readers about the movie? Jungshin: I think this movie is deep, since it’s work that is different from a variety program or fiction. This documentary also features our natural side, all the fans would be happy to see that. CNBLUE will keep doing its best; please give a lot of love to us in the future. Also, our best album named PRESENT is going to be released on February 5th, please look forward to it too. Yonghwa: Yes, this album is the best of our Korean songs; please listen to it by all means! Source: excite MUSIC