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T-ara’s Eunjung was recently cast in SBS’s weekend series Five Fingers with Joo Ji Hoon. Several officials for the series say, “Eunjung will perform in the series with Joo. We’ve already talked it over with the production crew.” Eunjung will play the role of Hong Da Mi, who wanted to become a pianist. But she had to give up and work at a hair salon after her father died. Then she meets Joo, who plays the role of Yoo Ji Sang. Eujung’s agency, Core Contents Media, says, “We are discussing it positively. We will make a final decision about Eunjung’s appearance soon.” The series is written by Kim Soon Ok, who wrote Smile Mom and Temptation, and directed by producer Choi Young Hoon, who directed Maternity Clinic and War of Roses. Besides Joo and Eunjung, Chae Si Ra and Ji Chang Wook will appear on the series. Source: TV Report via