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So Ji Sub has fallen in love…with his script for SBS’ Ghost. Currently acting as Park Ki Young, who is impersonating the Cyber investigator Kim Woo Hyun, So Ji Sub has been receiving praise for his dedication and effort he′s put into his role. Recently a compilation of photos of the actor, always with his script book in hand, was released on the internet, allowing adoring fans another reason to squeal over the hard-working actor. A drama production representative said, “You can never find So Ji Sub partially doing something. He’s doing his best and acting as if he’s the real Kim Woo Hyun and Park Ki Young during filming.” It′s also been said that So Ji Sub even practices as he’s shooting for the real thing. “That’s why we’re very proud to be working with So Ji Sub on this project.” Especially with difficult technological and professional terms being used in this cyber investigation drama, So Ji Sub has been practicing his lines so much that his script book is falling apart. Netizens who came across the photo said, “No wonder his acting in Ghost is so phenomenal,” “I really respect his passion for acting,” and “I sometimes get confused whether I’m watching So Ji Sub or Kim Woo Hyun.” Src: Enewsworld