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On June 27, Lee Jong Hyuk tweeted, “Ah… Daebak hehe.” The attached photo showed screen caps of Lee Jong Hyuk from A Gentleman’s Dignity being compared side-by-side with a white llama who sported the same hairstyle as him. The uncanny resemblance had fans laughing and even urged Kim Eun Sook, the writer of A Gentleman’s Dignity to retweet the picture and say, “Hahaha, Rok is the popular trend these days.” A Gentleman’s Dignity recently broke 20 percent in ratings, with episode 10 ending with the start of a possible relationship between Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday night. Photo Credit: Kim Jong Hyuk’s Twitter Src: Enewsworld
crazy hair cut, crazy guy, exceptional singer!
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that Llama, is super stylish
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I like Jong Hyuk too even though he is a casanova.
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