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Come March it’s goodbye romance, hello thrills, and nowhere more so than over at SBS, where they’ll be airing condensed-time thrillers alllll week long. Hope you’re ready for the action. Here’s the cast of SBS’s upcoming presidential assassination thriller Three Days, suited up for their individual character posters. They sure are blue. The production has released a little more plot information, and apparently Three Days will actually take place over the course of nine days, broken up into three three-day segments. Um, I’m just going to ask the obvious question why it wasn’t called Nine Days then. I know it actually doesn’t matter how many days we cover so much as how, but I am a little disappointed that it’s not as close to 24 as originally touted. The story will be broken into three parts, surrounding a presidential assassination plot. Part 1 is the Prelude, Part 2 is the Showdown, and Part 3 is Judgment, and each segment will last 72 hours (in story time). Yoochun stars as a presidential bodyguard, described as a living shield. He goes to work every morning prepared to have it be his last, because he’s been trained to give up his life in service of protecting the president, with no room for political or personal bias: “Regardless of what corruption or criminal activity the president commits, even if he isn’t worth the life of the one who protects him.” The drama will follow the intertwining fates of those sworn to protect the president, the president himself (Sohn Hyun-joo), his political staff, and the true power players in the shadows who decide whether he lives or dies. Three Days: The Nine-Day Story premieres March 5.
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I am guessing the 3 days is because it's divided into 3 segments ahhahah i feel like i am just paraphrasing you but i am looking forward to this~ it's been too long since I have seen Yuchun on screen!!!