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Are you ready for tomorrow? The men will be taking on the halfpipe tomorrow with their skis and a head strong attitude. The athletes will have to be mentally and physically tough to ride well on the mushy halfpipe everyone has been complaining about! Here is the line up: 1 USA Aaron BLUNCK 2 JPN Kentaro TSUDA 3 AUT Marco LADNER 4 CAN Matt MARGETTS 5 KOR Kwang-Jin KIM 6 SUI Joel GISLER 7 FRA Kevin ROLLAND 8 NZL Beau-James WELLS 9 CAN Noah BOWMAN 10 NZL Byron WELLS 11 SUI Nils LAUPER 12 USA David WISE 13 USA Lyman CURRIER 14 SUI Yannic LERJEN 15 IVB Peter CROOK 16 AUT Andreas GOHL 17 CAN Justin DOREY 18 NZL Lyndon SHEEHAN 19 GBR Murray BUCHAN 20 GBR James MACHON 21 FRA Benoit VALENTIN 22 NZL Josiah WELLS 23 USA Torin YATER-WALLACE 24 FIN Antti-Jussi KEMPPAINEN 25 NOR Jon Anders LINDSTAD 26 RUS Pavel NABOKIKH 27 FRA Xavier BERTONI 28 FRA Thomas KRIEF 29 CAN Mike RIDDLE
@joebiden heck yeah!
"Go US"