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The highly anticipated short web drama “Another Parting” has finally kicked off after releasing a series of teaser images and videos for the past couple weeks. On February 17, two episodes of “Another Parting” was released. The drama stars Wang Ji Won and Seo In Gook as they play two people with a sad background and get caught up in a special relationship together. The first episode is titled “Meeting” and sets the tone for the drama, which is slightly dark and melancholy. The second episode is titled “Hana and…Hul!“ Both episodes have english subtitles available for all the international fans! Watch the two episodes of “Another Parting” below and let us know what you think of the drama in the comment section below!
@tyta468 i found it on youtube sis
each episode is only 10 minutes long??? T___T~ @tyta468 I think the youtube video is the drama itself !~ Is that correct?? @hebamaher > <
@christy ..where can I found this drama? please let me know it..ok thanks
need to make time to this drama@masridaniela