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Marie Claire Korea’s March pages has cranked back time and given Park Shin Hye an Audrey Hepburn makeover, influenced by her films—her Roman Holiday bike ride, her beatnik inclinations in Funny Face, and her effortless chicness and sophistication as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Park even stretches out like a ballerina, a reminder of Hepburn’s background as a ballet dancer.
@MoonMinYeon for me I think she always looked like a little girl to me but in this photo shoot she looks alot more elegance and grown up now and yes she definitely nailed this photoshoot and actually I think she has another photoshoot too!! That set is also amazing :D
@saharhyunjoong aaah that's why! @ameliasantos yeah! she looks so gracious and pretty! you're right her ballet poses are also very good! i normally don't find her really pretty but she nailed it with this photoshoot
@Moonminyeon I totally agree with you!! she definitely reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and me too I couldn't recognize her in the first photo either :) and her ballet poses are perfect too
nice photos. she looks beautiful and her face match with the theme. yuppp she looks like audrey hepburn. pretty!!!
@MoonMinYeon dat was the theme 70s 60
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