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[Episode 18 Video Preview Rough Translation], c/o ayronics and ilwoo_aein from Soompi SY: DMJ-ssi can you teleport yourself in front of me right now? DMJ-ssi! SY’s mom: DOh manager answer me. Are you marrying our SY? (Lawyer Jang saying something weird is happening?) DMJ: Right now I don’t have time … (Can’t catch the rest) DMJ: Songyi-ah, answer me clearly (or is it conclusively) your choice … I will stay by your side for a long long time. Sources | Credit to uploader | Soompi, c/o 999hearts, ayronics, & ilwoo_aein
breaking my heart :''(( prepared with my box tissues oaaaaaa
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I wonder if he is indeed staying, thus giving up his life for the one he loves.
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