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Many people talk about Shanghai or Beijing when it comes to shopping in China. Surprisingly, Hangzhou may be the most advanced shopping place in China. Families of successful entrepreneurs of China shop at Hangzhou. And Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center is in the center of modern Hangzhou shopping. Louis Vuitton of this shopping center is the number revenue store among all the LV stores in the world. The chairman of Estee Lauder visits this place when there is a brand launch here. Also this is the only shopping center I saw where all of four super luxury cosmetic brands such as Sisley and La Mar opened private place for VVIP customers. Outside of the shopping mall, Hangzhou's historical and famous West Lake is close by. Hangzhou is a must visit if you are looking for shopping trip in China
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Well!! still the selections are not as good as those in Hong Kong
6 years ago·Reply
I was first surprise by the scale of LV
6 years ago·Reply
But LV selections are not as good as that in HK
6 years ago·Reply
Oh!!!! The price is expensive!
6 years ago·Reply
Yes, it's so expensive in Shanghai :(
6 years ago·Reply