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The wrecking ball that has become miley cyrus is quite a powerful one, if nothing else. People make a lot about her background and her marketing schemes, but if this had not been a Disney star would it still be less eye catching? Does it matter how she got started or that she is now giving "satisfaction" to a Bill Clinton impersonator? In order to comprehend the force that she has become, for better or for worse, let us take a look at the evolution of Miley. Here is a look back at all the events that she has been or "marketed": 1) The daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, the man whose Achy Breaky Heart music video made the line dance a worldwide craze in 1992. 2) Growing up she was a devout Christian and wore a purity ring. Go figure. 3) She signed on to be Hannah Montana at the age of 11, but was almost turned away because she was too young and too small for the part. 4) Her first controversy came at the age of 15, when she playfully pulled her tank top a bit to show a bit of her bra (these days I don't think she would even consider wearing a bra underneath her show outfits). 5) That same year, Miley's second controversy pushed her fame higher. It was reported that she had posed topless for Vanity Fair, when in fact she posed draped in a bed sheet (and she was clothed underneath). Basically people, though, were begging to see more of little Miley since she was that pure star. 6) In 2008, her second album "Breakout" revealed to the world that what she truly wanted to do was song-writing. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. 7) In 2012, Liam Hemsworth, Thor's little brother, proposed to her with a 3.5 carat diamond ring (yes 3.5 carats!). 8) That same year, Miley cut of her gorgeous long brown locks to sport the blonde, pixie-style haircut she now dons. She was quoted as saying she had "never felt more (her) in (her) whole life. It changed (her) life." I can definitely agree it has changed her. 9) In 2013, Miley broke off the engagement with Liam because she started to realize that Liam had been unfaithful to her. 10) Same year, 2013 saw Miley bring out her album Bangerz, some say a strategic announcement that she is finally no longer a "pure" disney star. 11) 2013 also saw her create her real first major controversy when she "touched" Robin Thicke's crotch with a foam finger, then twerked against his crotch. Oddly enough, the performance was the most tweeted event in history, generating over 360,000 tweets per minute!! 12) Same year she had several marijuana related incidents. a) At her birthday part at the Roosevelt Hotel, Cyrus received a Bob Marley-themed cake to which she stated "you know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fuckin' weed." b) In a Rolling Stone interview, she called marijuana "the best drug on earth," which led some to say that she has tried others. Hmmmmmmmm c) Finally to top it off, at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, she appeared smoking a joint. 13) The year is still quite young, but Miley already has created controversy. Her first performance on her Bangerz tour, during her rendition of "Party in the USA" she pretended to give a blow job to a Bill Clinton impersonator. Well that one was… unexpected. 13b) Fan throws an allegedly used thong on stage, and Miley, of course, picks it up and puts it in her mouth. One word: showmanship What is most amazing is that this is all making her insanely much more popular. She out tweeted Beyonce (Beyonce's SuperBowl performance had held the record for most tweets for an event) for god's sake! Whatever you may think of her, the girl is definitely getting the attention an artist's agent would crave. She does, however, make you think when is bad publicity just bad publicity?
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@ameliasantos10 i do not discount her management's role in this. In fact, if she ever regrets all of this, she should look directly at her management team for this. They are in charge of maintaining her image, and they have in my opinion created a real "wrecking ball"
I only figured that the controversy started recently I guess I must have forgot about the vanity fair controversy haha but you are right maybe it's just bad publicity overall although I still think her marketing team played a big part in this bad publicity lol