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Wow, how awesome are these....
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@cheerfulcallie it's too we all just can't share accessories! Like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (have you heard of it before?) but with watches and rings~~
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@onesmile thats soo funny b/c i was gonna suggest that we including @lillyann each should buy one of each and swap them whenever, lolz....yes, i have seen it, it was a good movie, indeed (*_*)
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@cheerfulcallie @lillyann let the sisterhood begin hahaha!!!
4 years ago·Reply
aight you little cuties @cheerfulcallie @onesmile so I guess we are now the sisterhood of the travelling accessories? lol and I loved that movie too!! :)
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yes, I'm in!!~~ ^^ @cheerfulcallie @onesmile
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