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@mrjockx oh.. well that's unfortunate lol taking the dollar i think i know what you mean... you put in the dollar and put in the code of the snacks you want, the metal piece started swirling and stops halfway... do you want to know my secret? that is the time when you look around and make sure no body is around and started pushing/knocking or kick the machine lol but make sure no one is around x_x lol
lol it's a meme about how the machines always take your dollar and never give you anything. deebo from Friday was always taking people's money lol. yeah I do hate that also @ameliasantos10
what is the reference? lol speaking of vending machines don't you hate it when you take a dollar bill out of your pocket and it has like a tiny crumbled corner and the machine is like NOPE. YOU GAVE ME DISGUSTING CRUMBLED UP DOLLAR I will not accept this hahahahah I hate t!~ @mrjockx don't you just hate that too?