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Shunji vows to honor the japanese army and catch Gaksital by signing a document with his blood. He assigns all of his leaders to certain roles in order to corner Gaksital. Finding records, noting the village people, patterns of attack etc. Kangto goes into his office to talk to him as a friend, but Shunji wont have it. He expects for him to refer to him as sir Kimura. Kangto asks for Shunji not to be blind sided by the heat of his feelings. Shunji wants Kangto to look over the circus people of a 24 hour period. Kangto meets up with Baekkon to tell him his plans and what the current situation with Shunji is and his plan. Kangto still sees Shunji as a friend. He asks kangto if he will be okay, he says its already in the process. He has no choice but to proceed as Gaksital. The previous chief who was humiliated half naked on the streets wants to get revenge on Kimura and the chiefs that demoted and defiled him. The villagers receive a message from the police saying that they have to pay back the money that Gaksital gave back to the villagers. They are furious about it. At the circus, an incompetant guard tries to take all them under his guard, he fails and mokdan and the elderly circus man escape to make a call to her father with no response. Mokdan meets Kangto in the woods and asks her where she is going because she is under cirus surveillance. She says its her turn to run errands. He says she should do them, but she needs to remember that he is in charge of her and the circus people for 24 hours. Kangto watches over Mokdan at the laundromat and notices that she brought her dagger with her for luck. Kangto starts to tear and as soon as she almost notices, he says why dont you do it quicker? So he decides to step in and help out. She looks confused! One of Kangtos club girls is called to meet with Mokdans father. go to part 2! Part 1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29089 Part 2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29093 Part 3: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29095 Part 4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29097
@nylamrehs. I'm not sure if you already know http://www.ionair.tv/onair.php but people can go there for day-late episodes. Nonetheless it is better than having to wait a whole week or so for the subs. You can get the recaps here and use them for the raw records there ^^ Hope that helps! See you in 10 minutes!
@leegloria.. oh i see, pls. do so, i'll be waiting for your reply.. i'm excited for the next ep... i'll be here reading your live recap tonight...kamsahamnida...^^
Hi nylamrehs, Im actually watching it live on TV. That's why I'm able to tell you what happens as it is happening ^^. I can get you a few review links in a bit. hold on! ^^
@leegloria22.. could you pls tell me what website do you go to when you watch bridal mask... can't watch it on ionair.tv.. thanks, by the way i love your recaps on bridal mask....^^
i wonder if Bridal mask will ever have any love scenes... im not used to watching non-lovey dovey korean dramas kekekkee
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