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Mokdan is able to talk to her father that she has told him about Gaksital. With this, her father draws out the maps and plans on how to rescue the captives and free them from imperial slavery. Kimura talks to Hongju and shows her that they have taken over many districts but a few including where Gaksital is known to appear (Jongno). Hongju calls her japanese father and her father is displeased because he knows that if they dont have Gaksital, they dont have anything. She repeats this information to Kimura that they MUST have Gaksitals head. He understands. The demoted chief tries to win the hearts of the villagers by providing a few of them money/assets, as long as they sign a paper that says they support him and give him village papers/orders. Kangto was in the room and he knows what the chief was doing and says he should listen to kangto about what he's doing or else he can tell the chief officers about what he's doing. So the demoted chief tells him about his plans to try and get kimura (by whispering) Shunji catches Kangto outside of the precinct office. Shunji gets angry because he was supposed to watch Mokdan the whole time. Kangto comes back at him saying let Kangto look after Gaksital because he believes he can. Shunji has forgotten that Kangto really wanted to be his friend because Shunji thinks that Kangto would just let his father die. Kangto says do not regret his words because he will have no remorse if he really does die. Mokdans dad talks to the rich man about starting a school for enriching the young minds on how to become a glorious country. he also brought a present for him, a Ginseng root. Mokdans dad asks if he could be invited to the VVIP party, and they say they can come. Kangto is at the coffee shop where Mokdan said her father would be, he appears then disappears a few times. Mokdans dad finds out that Kangto is at the cafe and leaves. go to part 4! Part 1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29089 Part 2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29093 Part 3: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29095 Part 4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/29097
Thank you!!!
i stumbled upon it while browsing through Vingle, then I started posting all the Bridal Mask previews too. I like the pacing of this drama, its unlike most kdramas which tend to be draggy - this one is brisk and super exciting. Sarang haeyo!
mokdan and shunji go go go! i'm with bootyfull, keke cant wait till 10pm!!! oh guys, I saw Ep 10 previews as well for those who CANT WAIT check it out here - http://www.vingle.net/posts/28891-Bridal-Mask-Gaksital-Ep-10-Preview
yaaay thanks leegloria!!! just found this by chance on google. Looking forward to your recaps!!! I'm getting my popcorn ready for 10pm KST!!!