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B2ST’s leader, Yoon Doojoon, has shared a cute selca on his Twitter account on February 19. Read more: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
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@saharhyunjoong nono dear it's a drama and the lead actor is DooJoon from B2ST :) they show alot of good Korean food too!! so I would advise not watching it while your stomach is empty hahaha
@ameliasantos10 okies thnks chingu amelia i will check it out 4 sure :-)♥
@saharhyunjoon no problemm!!!!! I hope you will enjoy it!! hahahha
since CN Blue has had me totally enraptured i really don't know any other Kpop band that well @ameliasantos10 ... but he looks cute enough ... I'll make time for the drama Let's Eat ... :D ohhh on a side note you gotta watch "bride of the century" eng subs are out ... it will be good :D
@divalycious lol well that much I could see the enraptured part hahahaha and omg yes i will always make time for more dramas and game shows hahahah who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak lollll and oh by the way when you watch Let's Eat make sure you have something in your stomach lol