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Rookie group NU'EST has released their comeback teaser photo for their upcoming album. The band is set to make their comeback in mid July. The teaser photo features the members holding white masks covering various parts of their faces with the exception of JR who is holding a colorful mask against his shoulder. The photo also has a very mysterious feel to it. NU'EST’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, was quoted saying “If the first album had a message surrounding violence among teenagers then NU’EST’s upcoming album is about freedom. This album will also showcase how the members have grown in comparison to the first album.” The group made their debut on March 15 of 2012 with their single “Face”. The group attracted much attention with their songs about sensitive matters. NU'EST will be returning to the stage half-way July. Are you looking forward to their new album? source:: wow amazing is it nu‘est I am waiting for your comeback