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This is a classic leather jacket and a classic look that never seem to go out of style, Generations have worn it and still wearing it till today.
I love men who wear leather jacket, it totally brings out the manliness in them :) I love the second photo wow just hood, leather jacket and a hat :D @cheerfulcallie what do you think?
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Yeah the bad boy look ..kinda badass haha
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hahah yes the bad boy look always get girls to look at first glance I guess but hey who wouldn't love leather jackets? They are so comfortable haha personally that is what I am looking forward to, for the weather to warm up a little so I can get my leather jacket on too!
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@ameliasantos10 wow wow me like it a lot. yah, i like #2 b/c its more causal but i also like #4 b/c his swag is perfect for an evening out...hey, call me, ill get my leather jacket on too...lolz
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