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All stars have skeletons, but these 5 stars seem to be pushing it. Porn, prostitution, cults, assault, drugs, prison, it all sounds like "Man on Fire" (you know the Denzel movie). It is not a movie, though. It seems all those things are part of the lives of these 5 major Hollywood stars! 1) Leighton Meester, known as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl (loved that show!), has done time! Actually, unfortunately for Leighton, she was born in a federal prison because her mother was involved in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the US. 2) Billy Joel is known for being one of the most historic singers/composers of our time. His songs "Piano Man," "Only the Good Die Young," and "Just the Way You Are," have made him one of the most recognizable artists of all time. Did you know, however, that at the age of 21, he attempted to commit suicide due to career problems, as well as his wife cheating on him with his drummer! He drank furnisher polisher and was found by his assistant drummer. Interestingly enough, he used his message in his suicide note to write his song "Tomorrow is Today." Well, it was a good thing the Piano Man was able to survive past his early day problems. 3) Zach Braff is known as the funny neurotic Dr. John Dorian on the hit sitcom "Scrubs." While he is well known for that, some may remember that he was featured on the show "Punk'd," where celebrities are tricked into believing some pranks. The prank on Zach was that a kid pretended to "spray paint" his beloved Porsche. While most of the celebrities freak out on this show, Zach took it a step further by actually chasing the 12 year old kid, and then proceeding to BEATING HIM UP! Maybe Zach needs to watch some Scrubs, and chill. 4) Joaquin Phoenix, like his 3 of his siblings (River, Rain, and Liberty) was raised in a Cult! His family was part of the "Children of God" cult until Phoenix was 4 years old. His real last name was "Bottom," but his family changed it to Phoenix to symbolize their rebirth after leaving the cult. The "Children of God" cult preached salvation, apocalypticism, and spiritual revolution against the outside world, which it believed was doomed. It also famously employed "flirty fishing" which meant women would use their bodies to tempt men to convert to their religion. These women, within the cult, were know as "God's whores" or "hookers for Jesus." Hmmmmm…. 5) Have you all see "American Beauty"? It is one of the most dauntingly beautiful movies that have ever been made. It was also what made Thora Birch a rising star destined for greatness. Then she faded… why? Some blamed her parents. Which one is the most shocking? I will reveal 5 more jaw-dropping celebrity secrets tomorrow so stay tuned!