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The poster for an upcoming drama titled “Secret Love Affair” has been released, in which the two main actors are Kim Heeae and Yoo Ain. This drama will be aired on channel JTBC and is already attracting much attention due to the powerful cast. In the poster, the two are embracing and about to kiss, both expressing a strong desire for each other, thus many have guessed that this drama will be about a passionte love story. The story is said to be about a success-hungry woman working in the Arts department (Kim Heeae), and a genius pianist (Yoo Ain), in which their passionate yet sorrowful love will be portrayed through themes of music. What gathers the most attention is the age different between the two, in which Kim Heeae plays a woman well over forty, whereas Yoo Ain will be playing a youth in his twenties. "Secret Love Affair" will be airing on the 17th of March on JTBC.