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Link: Based on the novel "The Man Who Laughs" (also published under the title By Order of the King) by Victor Hugo. 2012 vertion. Plot: Director Jean-Pierre Ameris' (Romantics Anonymous) adapts Victor Hugo's beloved novel for the screen to tell the story of Gwynplaine (Marc-Andre Grondin), the grotesquely disfigured son of a marquis who falls in love with a girl (Christa Theret) he once rescued from certain death, and who inherits his father's seat in parliament after being raised in poverty. Crippled by self-doubt over his hideous visage, Gwynplaine uses his newfound power to preach truth and principal to the powers that be, but finds only tragedy in his search for true love. Cast: Gérard Depardieu as Ursus Christa Theret as Dea Marc-Andre Grondin as Gwynplaine.
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