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@sjeanyoon I totally agree with @dillonk you should totally carry one with you and put it right next to you so you will see it and remember to drink it!!! but hmm @divalycious I thought chilled water was not as good for you as warm water
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@Sjeanyoon Maybe just make sure you drink your entire thermos every few hours? How about marking down how many times you have filled the bottle on a post it note? @lillyann Why would warm water be better than cold water??
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@dillonk I heard that because cold water is colder than your body temperature hence when it goes into your body it might shock the system and slow down the metabolism.. this is something i read some where haahah
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@dillonk I'm going to have to try really hard to drink my thermos every few hours. I don't think the post it system is going to work for me....... I'll probably forget to mark it.
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since i started working out i had this tip given to me i lost nearly 16 pound even gave me abs which am trying to keep XD
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