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I have so many apples in the fridge and turned some of them into these yummy muffins. They are so fragrant, sweet crunchy on top and so moist on the inside. Get the recipe here:
@pampam93 *adds apples to the list of things to buy at the store next week*
hahahah@onesmile that's probably the best part of baking grannysmith I usually end up eating almost half of the apple ahahhahahhhahah I mean who can resist butter, sugar and apples and it's nice and warm!!
@pampam93 woah! nice tip :) I didn't know that you could make the granny smith apples sweet that way; no wonder sometimes my desserts are too sour~~
@thewanderer for me i used to make apple crumble with granny smith! but you have to saute it on the pan with butter and sugar though to make it sweet :D and Fuji? got it :) hopefully I can find time to try out this recipe soon ^^ it looks delicious!!
@pampam93 thanks! I used Fuji apples for this because I once made apple pie using Granny Smith (green) apples and the pie turned out so sour..
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